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memories like leaves in the grass

I have officially reached the time in my life when my concern for vanity wanes beneath the desire for comfort.

Yes…’tis a slippery slope…I only hope I can ward off the elastic waistbands and orthopedic shoes for a couple more years…{sigh}


As it turns out, it is not the one with the best arguments or the biggest soapbox or the most justification for their action who is better or who wins. In the end it turns out that sometimes you just have to wait until you hear the world whisper to you it’s time to let it go…and when you do, you will feel the yoke lift and the weight you once unknowingly carried will fade away, enticing you to fly.


I can’t quite figure out how to put this badge permanently on my site, so this will have to do.

the wall

Please stop

looking at me with heaven-broke eyes

Have you

not always felt


And if you say no,

is that not a wall you built;

each brick laid by your own hands?


could I ever leave you? And

why would I?

You are the


on my clouds. I am

shapeless and still without you.

How much do I love this?

i do

you can't capture a wildflower

And then the sun rose.
And then the birds sang.
And then the wind blew a lock of hair across my cheek.
And we forgot we were unhappy.

in homage to Jonathan Livingston

I am wild,

not as in reckless;

as in feral: essentially free