Archives for the month of: January, 2007

good advice

there was some laughing &

smiling & we called it happiness

for lack of a better term


i remember green

Help me to find

the cracks of light between the heaviness

of your mind and your heart

where there has been not joy

or love

or calm

and set me loose in the garden of your infinite

possibility so that I can dance


spinning cartwheels on the lawn

a light to break your heart

I am, she said,



and above all things,

beyond compare

pyro desire

I slurp up every little bit of these last days

For a change, not biding my time, not champing at the bit to go



A nice reprieve from my usual haste to exist in the future and burn

the greasy remains of one more life of gasoline and kindling

I’m being pulled around into corners—my life whispering look at this! in the dark

The world, she has opened up her mouth and swallowed me whole

or is that I have fallen into the deep ravine of her heart?

No matter

Today is the end of all my endings and Yesterday I prepared for the sweet light of tomorrow

Begin now! I hear
And do not forsake the tender bird in the palm of your hand for a world of imaginary vultures

Today I loved Maya’s poem and flossing.

go with me

Sometimes we fall in love with an idea…and it is enough sustenance to last us into the tomorrows we cannot see.

Time for another year’s intallment of Mondo Beyondo!

This one’s a big one, as I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff lately regarding what I want for the future. As always, my list is editable at any time and can be added to without exception. Here is how it looks off the bat on January 1, 2007.

  • dance in a field with fireflies
  • wear a non la (conical hat) and visit a rice paddy while traveling in Vietnam
  • take an improv acting class
  • explore a cranberry bog
  • travel to Italy with my sister, eat gelato, buy Italian leather shoes, kiss someone in Tuscany
  • write and perform a stand-up comedy act
  • learn to play the guitar, write songs, sing them
  • begin a women’s circle
  • swim naked
  • peform in a cabaret
  • make $1 million dollars
  • sell out my first gallery show
  • be a burlesque dancer
  • lay my heart on Uluru and let her speak to me
  • fall in love and live happily ever after
  • fill my life with creative hearts and beautiful souls
  • sing in a band
  • hold creativity workshops
  • write a screenplay, then make the movie
  • create a space in every day for magic
  • let go
  • live near the sea
  • swim with the dolphins
  • climb Kilimanjaro
  • eat kiwi fruit in New Zealand
  • holiday in the Baltic countries
  • search for fairies in Iceland
  • ride a camel in Dubai
  • take photographs of the Petronas Twin Towers at night
  • learn to surf
  • dance with the locals in Havana
  • drink a mojito
  • own a dog named Hugo