Uluru heart

I want to tell you who I am
but I don’t know yet

I want to take you with me, in a bag, on a journey
where should we go?

I want you to be there when I finally decide once and for all
that I’m coming out of my cocoon a butterfly

I want to love you
if for no other reason than to prove I still know how

I want to breathe in your many smells
and try to memorize them all for future reference

I want to exclaim to you that I have found my way
and that now, because of that, I feel ready to let you in

But it doesn’t seem to work like that
the “once this is perfect, then that can start” method of holding myself back from every single thing that means anything to me for fear of….well, just because of fear, really.

So now I want to let the ball drop
and trust and love
and love and love and love and love