Two months since the last post….yeesh!

I’m thinking about my creative outlets. Each seems to have its own parameters.  Poetry, which is often what I use this site for, can be inspired at any time, but often when I am feeling deep emotion swirling around that I’m trying to name.  My poems come from my life, but they are often not about my life as it is, and yet they are.  It’s confusing.  That’s why I need poetry.

Photography is my daily bread kind of creativity.  I don’t always do it everyday, but it is one of those things I don’t have to feel inspired to do and yet it captures me every time I do it and puts me in a different space.  That’s what I love about it.  I am transported by a box and a piece of glass.

Painting is usually for when I feel a lot of things all at once and I have no words for them.  I have to get them out and the only way is through colour and shape.  Of all my creative endeavours, painting is probably the one I am the least talented at and that is one of the reasons I love it.  No one will ever hear a lame poem or see a dud photograph (unless intentional), but with the brush I make a mess and feel better for it.

I’ve just started doing illustration.  I enjoy it as an alternative to self-reflected prose.  It is primarily documentation in visual form.  It has added depth to my life since I’ve taken it up.

Journaling is my version of morning coffee.  It is how I wake up, to the world and to myself.

And music serves to remind me of who I am.

A life filled with the beauty of art is one of love and pretzels.