well placed

On top of things that are used, I really like things that are found. I love the mystery of it. I love thinking about who and what and how. I have several ongoing series of photography about lost (or found by me) things. In a way when I look at them, it’s sad, but then I wonder if that’s really true and it isn’t a happy ending that was just waiting for me to see it differently.

Today I found two things. The first was an audio tape. You know — back before mp3s and CDs. A good old fashioned cassette tape. I’m saving it. I think it might be blank, but if it isn’t, I don’t want to rush through it…I want to savour what I’ve found.

The second thing I found today was an old friend. We had gone separate ways a few years ago. It’s a long and twisty story that is fairly plotless for this explanation. The short version is that our friendship ended…and it was the right thing to do for both of us back then. But he’s been showing up in my life lately and I realised just how much I missed having him as a friend. I said a prayer and held my breath and sent him an email to the last address I had for him. After a few emails, we decided to meet up (it’s easier to catch up face-to-face) and it was great. There’s something really precious about seeing a friend after a long absence and feeling at home within their space. Confirming they are happy and that their life is good is just icing on the cake.

Yes, the tape will wait. I’m going to savour this found thing for a few more hours.