I do not make resolutions. Not at New Year. Too much pressure. That said, I spend most of my waking moments thinking about how to be better, stretch further, love more, be humble, actually be who I am meant to be. It takes no beginning to do this but the one every moment presents us with. That is all. The grand hurrah we all long for is always there if you listen long enough.

Things have been ticking along and I have been putting in my time. My heart’s been growing a lot lately in a very unexpected twist. This is what I want for 2008, if I must follow this aberration to pen a promise to myself. I want to be as BOLD in love as I am in life. I want to remember to OPEN UP, not close down. I want to GIVE instead of get. I want to SMILE instead of pout, LAUGH instead of cry, RELEASE instead of cling to. Mostly, I want to REMEMBER that LOVE is limitless and that in every single rare and precious moment, so am I.