Archives for the month of: February, 2008

seeing clearly through the haze

You somehow manage
to love me
Though I am loath to
give you a reason

Though my aching heart
wakes you in the
middle of the night

Though I am fragile
and worry I cannot
repay you

And in all of these
absences, you find
the space to love me more
and speak of my heart
to others

Your mercy taught me
to love and gave me the courage
to use it


a better darkness

I don’t imagine any of this makes sense unless you too have stumbled in the dark alone looking for the only thing you know how to find, though you lack everything anyone will take as a reason and you only have faith to know it’s worth finding, if for no other reason than to quiet the yearning in your heart that audibly and palpably aches to be silenced.

lazy clouds and tree

o, return
when the day is done and the stars reveal their naked sparkle
knowing i am never who you left when our last words were spoken

be courageous and as you leave the fray
step back into the fire with me
knowing i am cloud and water; unstoppable and gentle