I was catching up on quirkyalone news last night when I read about Not Quite What I Was Planning on SMITH Magazine. SMITH Magazine might be my new favourite site, sorry mental_floss…(I still love you!). (That was a lot of linkage for me; very out of the ordinary, but I wanted you to know!)

I had long ago heard of Hemingway’s famous, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” six-word story challenge. Having a rather large and ingrained adoration for poetry, the whole idea of summing up one’s life at a particular moment in six words delights me to no end.

So, randomly, but when the inspiration sparks, I shall indulge here with my own six-word memoirs. Feel free to leave yours in the comments if you so desire.

Right now my six-word memoir goes like this:

Being quiet. Wishing I was alone.