everything and the kitchen sink

There came a time
(it’s obvious now)
when stir fry just wouldn’t cut it anymore

It’s not that you have anything
specifically against stir fry, per say
it’s more that it’s a metaphor

For what you can, today
recognize as the constant aversion
to forward motion, investigation, and trial
(and inevitably, error)

There are people (you know who)
out there who want to make stir fry
every time they think to pick up a pan

Because to them stir fry is a guarantee
it keeps them safe
agreeing with the image they’ve been telling the world they portray

But you speak to the world a different tale
one that involves tacos and strawberry rhubarb pie (made from scratch)
fill-in-the-blank muffins, steamed bok choy with tofu, and sauerkraut
your meals, your moods, your style, your interests, your friends, your life
assembling a mosaic replete with a panoply of design and texture

You love that you never stick with what you know or what you’re good at
that you never deign to utter such words as I can’t or I shouldn’t

And though these things seem to have little
or nothing to do with cooking
you know full well, Eve, that you can trace the fall back
to the day you dared to tire of his trusty stir fry