Archives for the month of: November, 2008

as the nights stretch longer into the day
as my spirit implores you
as I behold the mystery and darkness
for the candle burning my impurities
for the reflections of my wanton journey
for the quiet measure of courage
I just love you


experienced heart need apply

I am here.
Open and embracing your deep ravines of love.
A waterfall of affection crashes into my past.
The caves of intimacy with you I will explore.
Beloved–find me.
Travel near and far, call my name over desert and valley. Find me.
Swim to the shores of my heart and inhabit the island of my soul with me.
Let us grow tender
and raise the kindness of our mother earth
in celebration of a mouth met by another’s kiss.
Seek your soul for me.
Practice your cartography and draw your lines
back to me. Feel me.
I am the fire light blazing;
my soul, opulent;
my love, crimson and gold.

a brief reminder

There are just some people you don’t forget.

You know them intimately, whether or not it was sexual. Perhaps you got to know them over a long period in your life or maybe life set its deck of cards to have you to lean up against one another only to be blown apart by a stiff breeze. There can be a collection of decades and miles between you, yet nearing them on the street, you know them instantly from the curve of their cheekbone or the way they slouch when they stand, diminishing their large frame in a crowd.

If we were beasts of olfactory superiority, we would know them like a bloodhound knows an old trail you walked long ago. At once you know who it is. At once I knew it was you.

I didn’t stop.

I think I wanted to.

I don’t know who we are to each other anymore.

The lovely and fabulous Goddess Leonie closed her latest email with these words:

May you remember just what a gift you are, right here, right now.