it's gone in a flash

Goodbye 2008, with your beautiful blessings, your lovely lessons, your merciful memories, and your hasty healings.

You have shown me all I needed to know and I am so grateful to have been paying attention.

You ushered me in on fragile wings and held me tightly through the things that hurt and scared me so. You gave me sunrises that I thought I dreamt up and fields of thick grass that tickled the small of my back as I watched your gauzy clouds above. I must have walked a million steps–and for each one, thank you. For endless laughs and the ache that only comes from a heart swelling with love, this is what you inspired in me.

This girl I leave behind with you in memory is forever thankful to your wisdom and your patience as she still finds herself prone to leaping forward with her heart in her hand and trusting you to guide her footfall.

I have learned so many scrumptious words, met some very fine souls, kissed a couple frogs, and have stood soulnude beneath the infinity of your starry sky to marvel in my luscious nothingness. I am the minutia of the cosmos, yet I know no one else will ever do what I have come to do, so I place you down before the clock strikes 12. Hold my duality, honour my divinity. This moment is everything and nothing…and it is beautiful either way.