Archives for the month of: February, 2009

watch where you sit

in the end
and time after time
it’s you I see, love


let me go

like a siren
I call you forth
in my watery dreams

like a sailor
whose heart is no longer his own
you find me
despite your sea-wrecked self

shape of my heart

If I was to see with a clear eye
for a long time, over distance,
I had to guard myself
from feeling.

It is why I lived alone, doled out love
in small, brilliant daubs,
hoarded my feelings, saved them
for the pictures,
where I wanted everyone
to love me.

~Kate Braid

say the word

I will make you a deal, my love

Give me possibility
and I will hand over the reins

winter blooms

The whole world might possibly be in love.

I am too, though my parameters are a bit bigger it seems.

hallowed branches

in the midst of the cold dead of winter
I question if I am even alive
if my voice falls on the deaf ears of creation
if blood continues to flow through the alleyways of internal reckoning
if there is an end to the madness of doubt and recrimination
if these branches I hold out for you, barren and longing
will ever again bear the sweet green leaves of your love