Like a hopeful story I tell my grandchildren through black and white images, I never forgot you.

It has been so long, yet time measures nothing today.  Mangled, I hid how entirely I fell apart when you left, and in your innocence, you moved on quicker than I healed.

The words never said that you wanted to hear: I never wanted you to go, my love.

Though none of this was about you, I lost you in the process. When some hearts shatter, they are silent movie reels spinning behind the red velvet curtain.

All these years gone by and how different we both must be, yet I have found no one else to love even a fraction the depth of you.

I still remember your hand I held, the cocoon of your body transporting mine through the darkness.  Sweetness is the name on my lips and whose tears still moisten them.

In exotic places, I roamed free.

Though I know not if it matters at all, you are with me still.