Archives for the month of: October, 2009


fuse with my heart in a gesture of forsaken pasts
my body urging to forget pain,
afire with the hope I dug out of fallow fields


the remains

morning frost on vintage windows
hide my seeking
keep from me the epitaph
of this love
just this once
or just for now

How your heart tugs
at a sorrowed past
I have clung, white-knuckled to
in defiance of my better judgment

Loves lost beneath sheets
of mystery enshrined
Tied to iron girders
and set upon the wind

As the leaves, frozen
on their perch learn to fall
I spread my legs
to receive you

goddess tea

Alone in the darkness of
a steel world,
sharp edges piercing the
heart you long to keep soft
in the cold dark of winter’s day.

Scrubbed to flesh
that stings in the acid aftermath
of your broken dreams,
this Eden failing at every turn.
No fig leaves generous enough
to hide your mortal shame.

spring beauty

We, the fairer sex.
Softening the edges of the pictures they take of you,
picking up where you leave off,
knowing that our supple hearts are strong enough
to bend you into love.

good morning

As a poet there are so few modern places to shine
We are usually most popular after our untimely deaths
And with those whom never felt our true affections, while
Our lovers are deep, dejected, desolate.  We animate love’s
grace through the pen in
stolen observations and tinted
memories of the senses
Never do we hold else higher than
love, and in so doing, we
allow a kind of devaluing
of our craft—as if words that
stir the mortal heart are
cheap and plentiful.
Lo, I know these words are
more rare even than the
love of which they speak, which
at this point is some kind
of unannounced miracle.
Fallen from the starry night sky

lazy leaf

Your holiness
mistaken for gratuitous sin
I summon the whispers of yesterday
to break you;
swept up into the wholeness you seek

Endless sun passing behind the clouds
See your way through with
long fingers of light
stretching into the earth
Muster your strength
Offer me your gift
And in the blaze of your eternal sacrifice
Warm my downy feathers and Rage
so I may read by your firelight
in the darkness