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winter love

  1. There are people who will really SEE you, for all you are and all you aren’t, and they won’t look away when it’s convenient
  2. The things you are most afraid of will become less scary because they will be held in another’s palm with the utmost care until you forget they were these big, lumpy hangups that once seemed to paralyze you
  3. Giving someone what they need feels like a king-sized heroic feat disguised in a t-shirt and blue jeans
  4. Sometimes all you need is for someone to tell you that you’re okay, rub your back, hold you in a way that stops the world from spinning madly out of your control, if only for a minute
  5. You never thought you wanted or needed anyone to have your back until one day someone did

File these under “Some Things Love Has Taught Me”


the spice of life

you know just what I need

where the wild things are

I’ve made love with one eye on the door
I’ve left good rooms with nothing to say
I wanted to love them
But love got in the way

And so what if everything’s changed
And so what if I’ve held out for more
I’m all wild in places
I wasn’t before

~Dayna Kurtz

fairy's eye view

Absent are my vital signs

Your distance dissolves
me into sweet liquid
pooling in the gutters of this concrete town
Below your feet I rush past
Clinging to the enclave of your love
In the air beyond my lips
I whisper
I pray you’ll remember me
That I existed before you called my name
That a gasp of my breath will remain if
you ever go