shine on me

As the blue moon slides into the envelope of darkness
a fleck of moonbeam
bounces off my shoulder
and up into the oak tree outside my window
where the magpies tease
and taunt the city squirrels every morning
as I dry my hair and paint my face
for the beauty pagent, the war, the popularity contest

I think about how fickle our desires are
One minute thin thighs, the next freckles,
a gap between front teeth
or a balloon-like bottom to even out
the grapefruits we lug around in holsters on our chest
Is this the what they see in me?
random selections thrown together to work in unison

On the last twinkling star above, I wish for more
More than just appearance
More than just sex drive,
homeowner status, passport stamps or pairs of shoes
I wish for contentment with blue moonbeams, oak trees and magpies