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winter pixie

Ahh…2009. Here we go, the night we set down your reins; the night we set you free.

How I can be writing this from the parents’ country home of the incredible man with whom you gifted me late in your cool summer to heat up my autumn, I have yet to comprehend.  I know one thing for certain, he has been with me every step of the way. I would have never guessed this would be how I would see you out.  Still, I cannot now think of a better way to bid you adieu.

You, 2009, have been a testimony to the power of knowing what I want and not settling for less. I have become quieter in my resolve, but resolved no less.

Thank you, for the ups and the downs and all the sideways, too.

I will use them well.

I promise.


How your heart tugs
at a sorrowed past
I have clung, white-knuckled to
in defiance of my better judgment

Loves lost beneath sheets
of mystery enshrined
Tied to iron girders
and set upon the wind

As the leaves, frozen
on their perch learn to fall
I spread my legs
to receive you

brick wall II

I am talking to brick walls
and closed doors
and empty hallways

and don’t I wish I was
for I wouldn’t expect them to want to know me
and it wouldn’t be so obvious they don’t

a light to break your heart

I am, she said,



and above all things,

beyond compare

memories like leaves in the grass

I have officially reached the time in my life when my concern for vanity wanes beneath the desire for comfort.

Yes…’tis a slippery slope…I only hope I can ward off the elastic waistbands and orthopedic shoes for a couple more years…{sigh}

As it turns out, it is not the one with the best arguments or the biggest soapbox or the most justification for their action who is better or who wins. In the end it turns out that sometimes you just have to wait until you hear the world whisper to you it’s time to let it go…and when you do, you will feel the yoke lift and the weight you once unknowingly carried will fade away, enticing you to fly.


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How much do I love this?

i do